To play Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll need people to play with. A preferred number of players would be 4 to 6 people, including the Dungeon Master.

If you already have a group of people looking to play, then just set up a time and date to play and start playing. But if you don’t have enough people, you can follow these steps to find a group.


Step 1. Find a local game or hobby store.

Most towns will have a place that like-minded people will gather to buy and play games, read comics, or just hang out. This is usually the ideal place to find people interested in playing these games.


Step 2. Ask if anyone is interested.

This can be done either by setting up flyers or just asking around. Try to have some way for interested people to reach you like a phone number or a chat room.


Step 3. Choose a time and date.

Once you have a group, try to figure out what days everyone can play. Usually you’ll want to play once every week or two, that way you have plenty of time to run the games.


Step 4. Have fun.

Once you get to play, just remember to have fun. This is a game after all, so try to enjoy it and not ruin the fun for others.